Five Books That Got Me Out of Reading Slumps

Back in March, I went through a period of reading slump. In my March wrap-up post, I mentioned that one way to get me out of reading slumps is by reading cheesy YA/NA books. However, after I tried to list down the books that have successfully gotten me out of it, I realised that it’s not really the case. So here I am, sharing the five books that got me out of reading slumps! 

We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

I went through a major book slump for almost a year (WHAT?) in 2013/2014 and We Were Liars was the first book I picked up. I have never read any reviews whatsoever on this book so I went in without prejudice. AND HOLY CRAP; THIS BOOK IS BLOODY GOOD. After I become more active in the online bookish space, I saw that We Were Liars is a book that was quite hyped and trust me, it’s totally worth the hype! The book is a page turner and really draws you into their world. And that twist at the end? SO GOOD. Definitely a must read for everyone; whether you are going through reading slump or just need a new book to add to your tbr. 

The Record Series – K.A. Linde

A political romance series, the Record Series came to my attention when I was in the mood for some more adult romance. I finished all three books in the span of two days because I just couldn’t put it down. It’s so easy to read this because of the storyline and the characters. The forbidden romance aspect of the book was really what made me keep reading the book. K.A. Linde definitely knows how to write swoon-worthy romance.

Last year, Linde also released a spin-off to the book called Struck from the Record that I’ve reviewed here and there’s going to be another book called Broken Record. I CAN’T WAIT! 

Famous Series – Heather C. Leigh

Another adult romance, the Famous series was the among the first celebrity romance that I read. What really draws me into the story are the characters. Both characters are independent, resilient, and determined. Plus the love between the two *heart-eyed* Sydney fights hard to let go of her past and Drew is always there for her, being supportive while also making sure that she’s safe and comfortable. I’m pretty sure this book is the reason why I then start reading more books with alpha males characters. I also find myself re-read the series every time I don’t know what else to read. This series is definitely in my favourite-contemporary-romance list. 

The Fine Art of Pretending – Rachel Harris

This was one of the very first YA books that I read after the major reading slump I mentioned above and so glad I did because this book is so adorable, I can’t even! The Fine Art of Pretending will put a smile on your face the whole time. There’s nothing better than a story about two friends falling in love with each other and this book just delivers. Also, I don’t find this story as childish or too high-school-ish. This would also be a good summer read if you are looking for one 😉 

Play With Me – Anna Katmore

The last book on the list is Play With Me by Anna Katmore. This is probably included in the cheesy YA category but the story is just really adorable. This is definitely a quick and light read. Nothing too dramatic or heart-wrenching. I was so in love with Ryan, – probably more than the female lead loves him – and he was among my first book-boyfriends. If you are looking for a cute read, give this one a go! 

If you are in need of books to get you out of reading slumps, I hope this post might give you an idea of what book you might want to try to read next. Hopefully, they can be a little help for you.

If you have read this book before or you decided to check any of this book out, do let me know in the comments section! I would like to know what you think about them. Also, if you have any books that successfully get you back on reading, do let me know! I always love book recommendations and maybe I can check them out if I ever encounter another reading slumps 😉 




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