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I haven’t blogged in a month! This is something that I didn’t realise until I looked at my last blog post and saw that it was posted on June 25th. Insane! A short life update: the last one and a half month has been pretty crazy. I was admitted to hospital for two weeks. That was also two weeks of staring at white walls, wondering when I can go home. I also started a new job so I’ve been very focus on that as well. 

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. In the last month I disappeared,  I found another thing to obsessed over: Podcast. In short, podcast is dubbed as on-demand internet radio; it is a series of digital audio files which you can download and listen to. Thank you, Wikipedia. I think it’s pretty obvious that podcast is really popular at the moment. I’ve seen many people online talk about their favourite podcast shows or even starting their own podcast. Hence, why I decided to share my love for podcast on today’s post.


Mad World

The very first podcast I listened to was a show featuring Prince Harry – yes, THAT Prince Harry – talking about mental health as a part of his campaign for Heads Together. It was called Mad World by Bryony Gordon and it focuses on mental health. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I used to think that listening podcast would feel like listening audiobook and I don’t get on with audiobooks. I’m not sure what made me think like that but I think I just prefer watching videos where I can see the people talking and having conversations. So it was really a surprised when I found myself really enjoying the 30 minutes podcast. Okay, maybe it has to do with listening to Prince Harry talking about mental health, a topic I’m interested in and I found that it was very unusual that someone in a position like Prince Harry opened up about mental health in a very honest way. From here, I started to listen to the other available episode in that podcast and ended up subscribing to it.

At Home With…

The following shows I listen to have always been lifestyle podcasts. My next encounter with podcast is when my favourite bloggers and youtubers namely The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles started their own podcast. I was so ready for this because I genuinely love their YouTube videos and blog posts. Their show, At Home With…, is full of conversation with various people in the beauty and blogging world. I love the overall vibe of  just friends having conversation. Anna and Lily also ask great questions which then lead to fun conversations. Definitely the right podcast to listen to on a chill, relaxing, and lazy Saturday.

Made Online

Another podcast I listen to is Made Online by Hayley Carr. She writes on London Beauty Queen and recently launched the show. I enjoy reading her blog so when she announced her podcast I gave it a listen and I was hooked. Her shows focus on sharing inspirational stories from those who have built their career online. I love listening to other people’s success stories because I always learn one or two things from them. Nothing is more inspiring and motivational than listening to success stories.

Let’s Discuss

Like I mentioned, I have officially started a new job. This means adulting. I came across a podcast that talks about everything adulting by Monica Beatrice Wellburn from The Elgin Avenue and Ella Gregory from Coco’s Tea Party called Let’s Discuss. These two talks about how to navigate your way around your twenties and so far, I found the topic they talk about in the podcast really helpful. Listening to them talk about and giving advices on topics that I’ve been thinking about is really relieving. It helps me to realise that whatever feeling I feel, mostly all the worries and fears, in starting this journey of being an adult is normal and many people are feeling the same way.

Pod Save America

My current podcast obsession is Pod Save America. I’m pretty sure anyone who’s into podcast have seen at least one episode of the show on the top charts of audio podcast. For those who have no idea of the show, it is a podcast by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor that talks about various issues in American politics. I first came across the podcast after watching the video where Jon Favreau talks about his experience being Obama’s speechwriter at Oxford University. Then in my suggested videos, I saw videos of the three them on Chelsea and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting their podcast. Since I found these guys funny and I’ve seen their podcast on the top chart, I decided to check it out and voila! I’m a fan. As someone who has little interest in politics, I REALLY ENJOY THEIR SHOW. These guys are able to explain the issues in simple ways that help everyone understands and give their very honest opinion on these issues. In short, they make talking about politics fun. In fact, I’m writing this post in the car on the way home while listening to the Obama’s Last Interview episode. Spoiler alert – it’s awesome and will remind you of how cool Obama is. That’s how addicted I am to this podcast.

First Draft with Sarah Enni

Of course, I can’t left out the bookish podcasts. There are a few shows lined up, waiting to be listened to in my phone but the one bookish podcast I’ve listened to is First Draft with Sarah Enni. If you are looking for a bookish podcast, you should definitely check this out! From Jenny Han to Adam Silvera, she interviews them all. The conversations are always enlightening and fun. They talk about where they come from, what makes the authors start writing, how they start writing their books, and what are the inspirations behind every story. You will learn SO MUCH about the work that goes into writing the books that we all read and love. There are currently 114 episodes and so far I’ve only listened to four episodes. 110 episodes more to go! 

Have you tried listening to any podcast and what do you guys think? If you have any podcast to recommend, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you guys. For now, I’ll sit back, make myself a cup of coffee, and spend my day (and night) listening to more podcast 😉



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