Reading More Than One Book at Once

reading more than one book at once at a time
What? Why? Who reads more than one book at once? *raises hand*

Admit it, we’ve all been there. The concept of reading more than one book at a time was a very bizarre thing to understand for me. I used to be someone who only reads one book at a time and will not start reading another book until I finish it. Oh, how time has changed.

For the last couple of years, I’ve found myself stop reading certain books and pick another one up along the way, before continuing the previous book. I don’t know what triggered the change, but it works for me. I had the idea to write this post as I found myself doing it even more often; even right now, I’m in between two out of the three books I recently bought.

So… you might be wondering, WHY DO YOU DO THAT?

4 Reasons I Read More than One Book at Once

Losing interest in the current read

The first reason I do that I realised is because sometimes I lose interest in the book I’m currently reading but I don’t want to totally DNF it. I hate DNF-ing a book, no matter how much I don’t like it. Sometimes stop reading the book for a while and pick it up later makes the book a more fresh read and makes me more excited to continue it.

I need a break!

This also happens when I feel like I need a break from reading certain books. Have you ever read a book and suddenly feel that it’s just too much? This happens to me when I was reading Tiny Pretty Things by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra. There are moments where I feel that what’s happening in the book was quite heavy so I stopped reading the book and read another book with lighter topics. It feels like a recharge to go back to the more emotional reads.

It helps going through the TBR list

As a reader, I’m pretty sure there’s a part of you that wish you can finish your never-ending TBR list, right? This is where reading more than one book at once helps. I find that reading multiple books at once help me to go through my TBR faster. Not that it’s a race or anything, but I put the books on my TBR for a reason so I definitely want to read them all. Also, it feels like a small victory when my TBR list is getting shorter (not for long though since I will just pile up more books on the list after).

Different medium of reading

While I love the feeling of reading physical books, I also own a Kindle. I always bring my Kindle around and when I don’t have it with me, there is a Kindle app on my phone as well. Bottom line is I can read anywhere and at anytime. Using the device has also made me read more than one book at a time because I don’t stock my Kindle and my bookshelf with the same books. The only thing I haven’t adopted is audiobooks. I mentioned in my Podcast post before that I haven’t joined the audiobook bandwagon but I’m currently thinking of giving it another try to see how many books I can juggle at once.

So, do you read more than one book at a time? How is it working (or not working) for you? 


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    1. Woah, 6 books at once? I haven’t reached that level yet 🙈 The most number of books I read at once was 4 I think and that weirdly feels like an accomplishment 😁 x

  1. I love the idea of reading more than one book at a time but I’m not sure that I could. Right now I have a ton a books I WANT to read and I could get to more if I could just read more than one. But 6!!! That is like a superhero talent!! How does one even get to being able to do this?!?!

  2. I love to read more then 1 book at once, I’m always reading at least 4-6 or more books at a time because I simply can’t help myself. I also read more then one book because I love so many different genres and at any given time I might be reading a fantasy, and a sci-if, or historical novel, or something sad and gut wrenching. My reading definitely shifts with my mood.

    1. I agree that mood affects my reading choice. 6 books is a lot! I haven’t read that many books at once yet but maybe soon since I have so many books I’m interested in.

  3. I sometimes read more than one book at a time for the exact reasons you have listed! They need to be very different reads though. I also might read a second book if the first is too big or clunky to read in bed before I sleep. Love the post!

    1. Agree with all you said! My different reads tend to be from different genres. I also find myself reading more books if the book is thick 😝 Thank you so much! x