Loving The White Liar by Kate Stewart

Loving The White Liar - Kate Stewart

I met my true love when I was twenty-seven. He was handsome, charming, witty, and irresistible. Jayden Monroe came along when I was struggling with indecision and made things simple, turned monochrome into vivid color, and forever altered my perspective on life.

I was not naive enough to believe in happily ever after, but with Jayden, it seemed possible . . . until I realized something wasn’t quite right.

You see, I met a man who would be anyone I needed him to be, and after I found out that fact, I knew it would be impossible to walk away. His disorder, however, would change everything I ever thought about love and what it truly meant to accept someone for who they are.

This is not my sob story; this is his success story.

Loving The White Liar by Kate Stewart – Book Review

I read this book back in January and I was left with SO MANY feelings after I finished Loving The White Liar.  It started with Hilary meeting a charming neighbour called Jayden Monroe or Jay for short. They were both instantly attracted to each other. They started flirting which lead to dating which then lead to a deep friendship and deeper relationship. Along the way though their relationships started to have cracks with white lies that Jayden told Hilary. The only thing Hilary really knew was how none of Jayden’s past relationship worked out for him. Turns out that Jayden has ADHD. Hilary, naively, decided to forged ahead with their relationship. She thought that it was not that big of a deal and she believed they would be able to get through everything as long as they are together. The story follows the two of them navigating their relationships through ups and downs as Hilary really discovered what being with someone with ADHD is truly like.

I think what made me really like this book was how candid the story was. You can feel the real and raw emotion on every page of this book. These two were really fighting for each other – while also making sure that they both take care of themselves.

Hilary loved Jayden completely. She saw past his disorder and really loved him as who he was. She fell in love with Jayden, knowing that he might not be the easiest person to be with and knew that she couldn’t live without him. She tried hard to understand him, be the patient, caring, and loving partner she knew he needed. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that Jayden is a horrible, damaged character.

Jayden is an extremely likeable character. One reason why I was able to have so much sympathy for him was because of how aware he is of his issue. He took care of himself by finding ways and structure his life to help him navigating daily life. I do feel that it’s a shame that he chose to omit important information from Hilary. ADHD is a big part of him but it’s not all that he is. He loved Hilary so much and he always tried his best to make amends whenever he had episodes.

This book shows all the good and the bad sides of the relationship, which I think is quite fresh. It shows that there are no such thing as a perfect relationship and you are allowed to feel how you feel. However, when you truly love someone you will accept them, see past their flaws, fight for your relationships to make it work, and it will all be worth it at the end. I think this is such a fresh way of delivering a “happily ever after” story that we all adore so much.

I highly recommend Loving The White Liar by Kate Stewart if you are looking for a contemporary romance read!

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