6 Ways to Find New Reads and Releases


Let’s admit it; the literary world can be very overwhelming with new releases every day. I’m still trying to figure out the ways to catch up with new releases or just finding new reads. So far, I’ve found some methods that work for me in finding new releases or just new books to read and here I am talking all about it! 

6 Ways to Find New Reads and Releases


The good old Goodreads. I’m pretty sure all of us have a Goodreads account to track all the books we read, we’re reading, and we want to read. When I first joined Goodreads, I was pretty overwhelmed with the number of books listed on the site. I understand that the site is meant to be a giant books information centre but still, there are just SO many books. These days, I only use Goodreads to find new reads by either stalking my Goodreads friends reading lists or specific genre searches. I usually check them once or twice every month and most of the time there are one or two books that always attract my attention and end up on my ‘want to read’ list. Definitely a big help in finding new releases! 


Since I have Kindle, Amazon is another place I check for new releases and recommendations. I really like the ‘For You’ features they have because Amazon generated that based on the books I purchased in the past so it’s like they have narrowed down all the releases to books that they think I’d enjoy and I’m not complaining.


ARC website is another way to go. I don’t go to NetGalley often, but it is definitely a great place to find new reads. Besides, you can get an ARC as well. Definitely a win-win situation.

Author newsletters & Facebook fan groups

I think at some points we realised that there are a number of authors whose work we don’t want to miss. I’ve only started doing this since last February and so far, I’ve signed up for newsletters from Krista and Becca RitchieEmma Hart, Sarah J MaasTillie Cole, Jay McLeanand Elle Kennedy. I might have missed some and I know I’m going to signed up for more after this 😉 Last year, when I was a bit more active on Facebook, I also liked and joined a few author Facebook groups and it was a really a great place to receive update on your favourite author’s new releases. There are authors who announced new releases ahead on their Facebook group before they announce it anywhere else, which makes everything super exciting. 

Blogs, obviously

Blog-hopping is my other way to find new reads. Reading book reviews and recommendations from other bloggers really help me to find new books that I might not reach for. Also, there are some bloggers out there who posts their anticipated releases or simply a compiled list of upcoming book releases. The Lit Mermaid does monthly posts titled ’15 books to read in…’, in which she rounded up her anticipated upcoming releases. The Girl Who Read Too Much also does monthly posts called ‘Anticipating Book Releases’. I always look forward to these posts approaching the end of the month because I always manage to find new reads from these lists. For romance books, Natasha is a Book Junkie is my go-to blog. She has so many reviews and recommendations. Also, my favourite feature on the blog is her upcoming releases tab which is SUPER organised as it tells you when the release date is.


We all love a good bookshop visit and it is probably my favourite way of finding new releases. I mean, a trip to a bookshop, find new releases, and grab a physical copy right away? YES, PLEASE. I only do this when I’m sure I have a lot of spare time because I can spend hours in the bookshop, just jumping from one section to the others finding new books to devour. I also find that when I go to a physical bookstore, I tend to explore other genres that I wouldn’t normally search for online and I’ve found some interesting reads over the years. 

So there you have it. I would love to hear how you guys find new reads and releases since I always fancy hearing new ways of finding reads and releases. Also, if you have any favourite blogs to recommend, I’d love to hear about them because one or even better, a lot more blogs to read over the weekend doesn’t hurt, right? 







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