Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

I decided to take a break from my dissertation and post the pictures from my last destination, Copenhagen.

Here are some pictures from the places I visited


Christianborg Palace Stairs

The Queen’s Library

The Queens Library Panorama

This is one of my favourite parts of Christianborg Palace. I mean, LOOK. AT. ALL. THOSE. BOOKS. Apparently, according to the official website of the palace, the library housed the Royal Family’s private collection of Danish and foreign works. The collection started from around the year 1746-1760 when King Frederick V reigned Denmark. Since then, thousands of books have been added to the collection. Some of them are treasured, signed first editions, including those of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. Others are handwritten scripts, drawings, maps and photographs.

The Queens Library

The Queens Library Christianborg Palace

The Queens Library Copenhagen

The Royal Kitchen

The second favourite place is The Royal Kitchen. Full of rose-gold-looking copper goodies, it’s REALLY beautiful. The kitchen really only housed all these equipments but they are really pleasant to looked at. Every corner of this room was photogenic so why not take pictures from every angle?

The Royal Kitchen Christianborg

The Royal Kitchen CP

The Royal Guards

The Danish Royal Guard


Botanical Garden

Botanic Garden Copenhagen

Botanic Garden Flowers Denmark

It was sunny and warm, definitely the perfect weather to visit the Botanical Garden. Coming from a city that doesn’t necessarily have the best parks to chill, I really enjoy the Botanical Garden. It was quite huge so it will take a while if you plan to see every corner of the garden. My friend and I spent half the day, just walking and sitting around the garden.




If you are like me and scroll through your Instagram every time you are bored, chances are you have come across pictures of these coloured buildings once or twice (or maybe a couple hundred times). Not going to lie, Nyhavn was on the top of my must-visit places in Copenhagen. If you think it looks dreamy in pictures, it was even better in real life. The coloured buildings and the chill vibe creates a vibrant area.

Nyhavn Copenhagen



Lego Store 

I only recently realised that Lego is from Denmark so naturally I had to go the Lego Store in Copenhagen. I never imagined that visiting a lego store would bring out my inner child. If I didn’t have enough self-restraint, I might have walked off with a bunch of legos – even if they are aimed for 5 year olds.


One of the most exciting things about the lego store is the displays. They are AMAZING! I cannot imagine how long does it take for them to finish building these miniatures.

Lego Nyhavn

Lego Denmark Miniature

Lego London Bridge

Around Copenhagen


Copenhagen City

Vi ses, København!


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