Captain America: Civil War



To start, I have to say that Captain America is not in my top 5 avengers list so I wasn’t super excited when the film comes out. I knew I was going to watch it but was not in a hurry to go. However, I spent the weekend watching other Marvel movies and thought maybe I should go to the cinema and see more badassery from the Avengers so I went. That was definitely the right decision.

I have to say that this film feels more like another Avengers movie rather than a Captain America movie. I’m glad that each member got their time to shine because there is a rather large numbers of cast in this movie. Though my favourite in this has got to be Scarlet Witch. Wanda kicked ass in this one. I really like seeing her using her power. Oh and have I mentioned Spiderman? I really like Tom Holland. I think he did extraordinary in this movie and I can’t wait for the new Spiderman movie.

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The action sequence in this film is on point as any other Marvel movies. The stunt is truly terrific and these stars’ acting skills is on point. Each of them definitely portrays their characters very very well.


The plot in this film focuses more on the internal battle among the members of the Avengers rather than the conflict with the villain. I was very scared throughout the whole film because there is a serious disagreement between the teams. Seeing them so divided makes me worried (and excited) to see what it is going to be like for the Avengers in the next upcoming movies.This film also has got to be the most emotional Marvel movie I’ve watched. There are so many emotions from everyone dealing with their past.

I can’t wait for the next movie featuring these characters to see how the events in this film affect the dynamic of the team and how it will all turn out at the end.

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