7/27 by Fifth Harmony

Album: 7/27 
Artist: Fifth Harmony
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I love girl groups and Fifth Harmony is one of my favourite. I’ve followed them since the time they were formed on X Factor. I love their first EP, Better Together but I wasn’t sure about their first album, Reflection. I had a lot of expectation for the first album and it wasn’t up to it so I was left feeling a little disappointed. So while waiting for the second album, I told myself to not have any expectation whatsoever. 

The album was released last Friday and I have to admit that it’s way better than Reflection! Thank God. Work From Home was the first single and it was the perfect follow up to their biggest hit, Worth It. It was catchy, though I have to be honest hearing the word ‘work’ over and over again annoys me hahahha. But still the beat is so catchy as hell and I love Ty Dolla Sign’s part. After the first single, I did think that maybe the album would be more exciting than Reflection.

The second single, Write on Me is one of my favourite. This is the kind of song I wish the girls sing more because you get to hear their voice and their ability to sing. I just wish Dinah got more part.

The whole vibe of the album is perfect for summer. There’s a lot of upbeat songs and some have island vibe to them. All In My Head (Flex) definitely makes me want to take the next flight to the nearest island and just jam to it all day long. Squeeze is another vulnerable song in the album that I wish the girls sing more. My ultimate favourite though is the song titled Scared of Happy! Damn, this song is a legit jam. I have literally been dancing to it in my room since the first time I heard the song. 

I have to be honest and say that when they first released Work From Home, I was worried that this album is going to be full of sexual and explicit lyrics. There is nothing wrong with it, but I wish the girls would have songs with a true story and glad that they have it in this album. I’m still mad that the bonus songs for the Japanese deluxe version is not in the American release because 1000 Hands is beautiful *sobs*

I’m SO pleased with this album. You can see the growth from Reflection to this album. Production wise, this album is really a step up. I was so excited when I saw Kygo produced two songs for the girls because he is amazing. Lyrically, the album shows their sexy as well as their softer side, just like the girls promised us.

Give the album a listen, everyone! And you might find your next jam in it! 😉

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